Lab Overview

The Archaeological Mapping Lab is dedicated to the scientific study and analysis of ancient cities, landscapes and sanctuaries by means of the use of digital cartography, GIS, remote sensing and other spatial analytical techniques.

The purpose of the lab is to pursue archaeological mapping research projects as well as to train students in computerized mapping techniques. Each year the lab employs 10-14 undergraduate and graduate students to work on various ongoing projects. The students come from various departments across the University. If you would like to become involved in the work of the lab please contact the Director, Dr. David Gilman Romano.

The Lab was originally created with the purpose of studying the city and landscape of Roman Corinth, the work of the lab combined the field work skills of computerized architectural survey with digital cartography, remote sensing and GIS in order to document and quantify the component buildings, monuments and landscape of an ancient Roman city.

By digitizing and geo-referencing the actual-state drawings of every building, monument and structure it has been possible to put together a digital interactive actual-state drawing of the entire excavated city of Corinth in which every line of every building and monument is coded with four bits of information: chronology, function, material and bibliography.

The skills learned in the study of Corinth formed the foundation for many of the Labs current projects, including a detailed study of Augustan Rome, a comprehensive survey and excavation of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia and more recently the creation of the Parrhasian Heritage Park, Greece's first, large-scale cultural heritage park. The Lab pursues many projects which tie traditional research methods with field work and emerging technologies in analysis and visualization to produce a new approach to educating students, working with colleagues and publishing the findings of the research conducted in the Lab.

Lab Hours

General Access – Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
For Approved Graduate Students – 24 hours/day 7 days per week

Lab Location

Haury Anthropology Building, Room 408A,
1009 East South Campus Drive, P.O.Box 210030,
Tucson, AZ, 85721-0030, U.S.A.


Lab Leadership


David Gilman Romano, Ph.D.

Nicholas and Athena Karabots Professor of Greek Archaeology, School of Anthropology

University of Arizona


Nicholas L. Stapp, Ph.D.

Director, Geospatial Research - Archaeological Mapping Lab

University of Arizona


Mark Davison

Community Connections and Partnerships Manager, Open Space and Mountain Parks, Boulder, Colorado

Laryssa Shipley

Laryssa Shipley

Lab Manager & Ph.D. Student in Mediterranean Archaeology

University of Arizona

Advisory Board

Dr. George Davis

Regents Professor (Emeritus), Structural Geology Provost Emeritus, University of Arizona

Dr. David Gilman Romano

Karabots Professor of Greek Archaeology - Division of Archaeology, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona

Dr. Nicholas L. Stapp
Archaeological Mapping Lab, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona

Dr. Mary E. Voyatzis
Professor of Anthropology (School of Anthropology) and Classics (School of Humanities), University of Arizona

Current Research & Student Assistants (2020–2021)

  • Laryssa Shipley (Lab Manager)
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Kya Kerner
  • Miranda Lovett
  • Luke Munson
  • Colin Omilanowski
  • Andrea Riehle
  • Lauren Sides
  • Lauren Tomanelli
  • Alena Wigodner

List of Lab Managers

  • Laryssa Shipley (2020–present)
  • Julia Juhasz (2019–2020)
  • Stephanie Martin (2015–2019)
  • Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez (2013–2015)
  • Matt Pihokker (2011–2013)

Previous Research Assistants

  • Stephen Czjuko (2015–2017)
  • Lauren Dreyfuss (2011–2012)
  • Alex Ford (2013–2015)
  • Emily Graff (2011–2013)
  • John Keck (2017–2019)
  • Elizabeth Keyser (2015–2017)
  • Lauren Oberlin (2017–2019)
  • Vicki Moses (2015–2016)
  • Sammi Richter (2018–2020)
  • Jay Stephens (2014–2019)
  • Ben Winnick (2013–2015)

Training Tools

Support the Lab

The research at the Archaeological Mapping Lab would not be possible without the continuing support of its generous donors. Your gift helps to ensure that students and scholars will continue research in the lab and the field at one of the most exciting archaeological research laboratories in the world today.


The Karabots Foundation has provided important Leadership Gifts to the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project since 2004 and now pledges to support the future Museum in Megalopolis, the proposed Parrhasian Heritage Park as well as the ongoing Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project.

Ms. Annette Merle-Smith continues her important Leadership Gifts to the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project now pledging an important gift over the next three years.

The Project is also grateful for the generous support of the following who have made the fieldwork possible:

Circle of Zeus

  • Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Karabots
  • Mr. J. Garfield DeMarco
  • Mr. James H. Ottaway, Jr.
  • Mr. John J. Medveckis
  • Mr. Thomas Keating
  • Ms. Annette Merle-Smith
  • Ms. Susan W. and Mr. Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
  • The Niarchos Program for the Promotion of Hellenic Culture, University of Pennsylvania


  • Dr. George Papanicolaou
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Hueber
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Barton Riley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Terry O'Connor
  • Mr. Brian Kelly
  • Mr. Peter C. Ferry
  • Ms. Dorothy Dinsmoor
  • Ms. Elizabeth T. Bates
  • Ms. Susan Horsey

Friends of Mt. Lykaion

  • Dr. Peter Salamon & Ms. Patricia Morgan
  • Mr. Alexander Nagel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arch Brown
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Ott
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Rosenberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ferro
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Adamson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Yiannos
  • Mr. Curtis Scaife
  • Mr. Daniel J. Peters & Dr. Annette Kolodny
  • Mr. Daniel Wachtler
  • Mr. Jeremiah Reedy
  • Mr. Leon Limperis
  • Mr. Neil E. Matthew
  • Mr. Sidney Searles
  • Ms. Betty Edmonson
  • Ms. Cita Scott & Mr. Harry George
  • Ms. Claire Kolins
  • Ms. Heather Sigworth
  • Ms. Marty Lynch
  • Ms. Nancy Jensen
  • Ms. Sallie Naylor
  • Ms. Vasiliki M. Spiers

Institutional Sponsors

  • Graduate Group in Ancient History, University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Group in the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, University of Pennsylvania
  • Hellenic Cultural Foundation of Tucson, Arizona
  • Hellenic University Club, Philadelphia
  • Hellenic University Club, Wilmington, Delaware
  • University of Arizona, College of Humanities
  • University of Arizona, International Programs
  • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Corporate Sponsors

  • Gusto Creative
  • Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates
  • Main Line Endodontic Associates, PC
  • October Films, UK

Local Support in Greece

  • 39th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Tripolis
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  • Cultural Society of Ano Karyes, Arcadia, 'O Lykaios Dias,' Christos Koumoundouros, President
  • Kastanochoroi Cultural Society, Elias Pavlopoulos, President
  • Lykaion Cultural Society, George Thomopoulos, President
  • Mayor of Andania, Mr. Giorgos Diagoupes
  • Mayor of Andritsena, Mr. Trifon Athanasopoulos
  • Mayor of Eira, Mr. Giannis Adamopoulos
  • Mayor of Gortynos, Mr. Kostas Michopoulos
  • Mayor of Megalopolis, Arcadia, Mr. Panayiotis Bouras
  • Mayor of Phalaisias, Mr. Yiannis Phousekis
  • Mayor of Phigaleia, Mr. Yiannis Pipiles
  • Mayor of Tripolis, Arcadia, Mr. Alexandros Kotsianis
  • Nomarchis of Arcadia, Mr. Demetrios Konstandopoulos
  • Patriotic Societies Union of Lykosoura, Kyriakos Karagiannis, President
  • Syllogos of Ano Karyes, Arcadia
  • Vastas Cultural Society, Photis Zois, President

Foundation Support

  • Institute for Aegean Prehistory: 2009-2012
  • National Science Foundation: Grant #1125523, 2011-2013
  • The 1984 Foundation: 2004
  • The Karabots Foundation in honor of Constance Chrisomalis Karabots: 2004-2012
  • The Samuel H. Kress Foundation: 2005-2010
  • The Wallace Foundation: 2006